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The essential Start-up’s guide to navigating legal obligations and opportunities.

  • Learn which questions to ask
  • Understand what’s relevant for your business
  • Position yourself for long-term business survival

Small business owners face countless challenges and demands in their first four years. There are products and services to develop, wages and superannuation to calculate, locations and equipment to organise, staff to manage, and much, much more. With all of this going on, how can a small business owner find the time to get on top of the legal issues they need to know about?

Georgia Thomas works exclusively with start-ups and small business owners. She knows the issues they confront, how they can run into trouble, and the answers to the questions they don’t even know they should be asking. And she has distilled all of this knowledge and experience into The Small Business Legal Toolkit.

Packed with useful information in bite-sized sections, this book will help you navigate through the uncertainty and avoid problems that can blind-side small business owners. It includes:

  • the legal essentials you need to know and understand to set up and operate your business
  • comprehensive information about business leases, intellectual property, marketing, employment issues, policies, dealing with contractors, websites, privacy, entering into agreements, and more
  • questions to help you work out what to do next
  • information to help you work with a lawyer
  • links to practical online tips, information and resources.

The implications for making legal mistakes can be disastrous for a small business, especially in the early days. If you’re a small business owner or are about to become one, The Small Business Legal Toolkit will help you navigate the legal minefield of starting and running a business.

Georgia Thomas


Georgia Thomas is the Principal Solicitor of Legal HQ Pty Ltd, a small firm on the NSW Central Coast dedicated to teaching and supporting small business owners. Her love for creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs is central to her workshops and presentations, which are designed with their unique needs in mind. Along with her legal qualifications, Georgia has completed post-graduate studies in business and management and writes regularly for leading small business website, Smallville.


“Brilliant, and long overdue!”

“As a small business owner, it has taken me decades of hands-on experience of legal disasters to learn a few basic first aid skills.

Fortunately, Georgia Thomas has written The Small Business Legal Toolkit, which will eliminate a lot of stress, prevent a lot of heartache, and help you to exhale. (We generally hold our breath when we face a bump.)

The point is to have enough of a buffer and some basic information to have good foundations from the beginning. So many newbies don’t know what to get their heads around first.

And that’s where Georgia and her life saving book come in. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I wish I had this Toolkit then. 

Georgia covers Business Names, Business Structures, Product Liability, Intellectual Property and Contracts, and of course so much more.

Seriously, it’s exactly what every new and established business owner needs on their journey – a guide to the best tips and informational heads-ups that could save you pain, time and money.”

Angela Vithoulkas – Independent Councillor, City of Sydney – Multi Award Winning Business Owner – Founder Small Business Matters Party

“Conversational and Informative”

“With this handy book, Georgia Thomas neatly and succinctly sets out key strategies to get your business on track – and to know what questions to ask and when to ask them.

Her style is conversational and informative, and the content ranges from what business structures might suit you to hints on marketing, protecting your intellectual property and avoiding common pitfalls, as well as ensuring you look after your primary asset – yourself. 

The ideas Thomas outlines, and options she suggests, will set you on the right path to finding out what you need to know for your specific circumstances. She helps you examine your business with a strategic eye to create a successful future.”

Pauline Wright – President of the NSW Law Society, 2017


$34 + Postage and Handling.

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